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Rob Pick

Hello and thank you for visiting my page.  I'm a retired firefighter from Massachusetts.   I received over 20 commendations for valor including those from the Late Sen. Edward Kennedy and former Gov. Mitt Romney.  After a serious accident during an apartment block fire, my career as a firefighter came to an end.   I moved out to Arizona after retirement and soon discovered a fantastic fitness community that didn't exist back east.  In 2015 I began taking backstage photos at every Arizona NPC Show.  In 2016 I created the Arizona Fitness Fashion Expo and The AZZIES AWARDS.  The Expo was a rousing success with this year's event promising to be bigger and better.  The AZZIES AWARDS, which was held at the Dennis James Classic, recognized 10 worthy recipients for the dedication and service to the fitness community.  Next year's show will recognize even more worthy recipients.  

In September of 2016 I became a monthly contributor to FLEX MAGAZINE (The Bible of Bodybuilding).  This has been one of the greatest accomplishments of my life.  When I signed that Weider Contract (Yes, FLEX MAGAZINE still uses Weider Contract) I felt goosebumps.  Although I'm proud of these achievements I have no desire to stand pat.  In 2017 I plan to continue working to bring my Feature Film to fruition and my biggest project yet....shhhh it's a secret...for now.